Listen to your Heart: Body Image and Heartbeat

I’m not just dishing out cheesy advice! Yes, a rather odd (but can be on topic, in a few degrees of separation) tangent here; Royal Holloway posted this article, which I found interesting:

Although it may seem odd at first, I think there is an element of truth to this and in my opinionated view I may have to resort to cliche. Apologies in advance. Yes, we all know we are swamped by images, in adverts, TV, magazines et al, but even online with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I’m not only talking about fashion models! It’s crazy how often we’ve tried to recreate closeness in communication (and I realise the irony of blogging where there’s a picture of my face on my About Page – my hair is now blue black rather than red), and we all know the human brain likes to cut corners when processing things that it consumes on a daily basis. It makes sense.

I could go all what I call ironing board “surface” surfing, dip into Baudrillard’s hyperreal – a copy of a copy in that we’re seeing truth in its own right, or Deleuze and talk about simulacra as being image without semblance, in which it creates its own identity and is a force of its own, which would maybe link to this blog in a more meaningful way, but I may leave that till later.

It can boil down to a sort of mindfulness – a self awareness, a kind of meditation as it were. It’s a good thing that breathing is down autonomously or I think a lot of us would forget to breathe (myself included). Because our autonomous system is designed for constant homeostatic activity, it can be hard to remind ourselves that we are organic machines – and that we are constantly working. Of course, we have a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is the basic rate at which we burn calories just by staying alive. It scares me to think that people can believe that the only calories they burn is at the gym! Once we realise that our bodies are more than just image, it can be understandable that we would take more care of it and cultivate a better body image in future.

So yes, I do agree with the title. In a world of surface and image, it’s nice to not only look in the mirror (which is of course an inverted world in itself) but just to meditate and feel your body working. Your heartbeart is a lovely example of this. So yes, do listen to your heart. Literally. Not some cheesy 80s ballad. Maybe it’s the answer to that dreaded question: why do I look better in a mirror than a photo? Maybe it’s a way of cultivating a better image of ourselves and of others when you’re trying not to punch someone who’s annoying you in public transport. How many times have you sat on a bus and seen people as images, like NPCs in a computer game? There was a really clever comic that summed this up perfectly, I’ll try and find it… and I just did!

this is from:


I love it!


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