A post long overdue… amongst other things

So for those who don’t know, I’m half Burmese and half English, which people never seem to guess (except one person, actually), and still I haven’t been to Burma or become proficient in the language. With hope, one day I will make my journey there and in classic traveller vlog style will my brain finally get to grapple with the intricacies of another language before it becomes firmly settled in my cranial cavity.

Of course, Burma has been media heavy as Aung San Suu Kyi has been able to make her inspirational speeches and addresses after her harrowing house arrest of so many years. At the Southbank Centre I saw her live in the flesh and the atmosphere was astounding to say the least. Her people had come in waves, all beaming and ready to support her. It was an amazing feeling and one I won’t forget seeing in Southbank.

We also managed to help a man out who had just finished his studies in Leceister University and after taking out time to travel in Burma, wanted to learn more about the culture and to meet her himself. He didn’t know he was going to get a ticket from us and it was really refreshing to see how much he enjoyed the opportunity. I must really visit Burma. I know I keep saying this, but hearing the speeches in Burmese and not being able to get a firm grasp of the powerful words she was saying (thousands of people in the room were almost struck dumb) really struck a chord with me.

We also saw the classic Burmese song and dance, which I’ve always wanted to learn, as well as meeting so many different people, all with their story to tell. I won’t forget this day in a hurry!


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